Best Branding Design

Great branding conveys the essence of a business with the core design elements of color, shape, and typography. And this year’s nominees know how to leave the perfect impression.


Each brand element stands strong on its own, but when all combined, creates an immersive brand experience that touches on the personality and ethos of the brand perfectly. The color palette is both well-rounded and eye-catching, and I find that the specific hues and tones chosen bring a sense of old school ice cream shop nostalgia while still feeling fresh. The typography also captures this homage to nostalgia without feeling dated or overdone. Additionally, the brand illustrations really add that retro feel while also maintaining originality. The branding identity created here is extremely versatile and I can see it having the versatility to be executed easily and consistently across print, digital, web, social, and physical assets.

Alyssa Nguyen

When we think about great brands, it's platform collaborations like this that always come to mind first. For this vegan ice cream brand, Anastasia S. started with the logo and a retro-inspired mascot, Wally. Once she had the aesthetic in place, she expanded the set of characters to give each flavor its own personality and then created a full collection of nostalgic packaging. We love how each flavor feels both unique and cohesive. Great work, Anastasia S!

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