We’re falling in love with design all over again this October. While the nominees below may not have won their respective contests, we’re putting them head to head for one final competition! Scroll down to the bottom to place your vote.

Congrats to sebtuch for winning last month’s Creative Challengers with their incredible elephant mascot illustration!

Now… let this month’s competition begin!

1. “Letters to Girls Who Dream of Flying” book cover

letters to girls who dream of flying
by Meella

2. Winter-themed packaging

winter packaging
by febriana

3. Stasis logo

stasis logo
by spoon design

4. “Strange Escapes” t-shirt

strange escapes t-shirt
by Horror Rudey

5. Pop Gold vehicle wrap

food truck
by BrooklynDesign™

6. Scary clown illustration

scary clown illustration
by Cyntrix

7. Alice in Wonderland stage backdrop

alice in wonderland illustration
by Valentina Migliore

8. Cabra Tonic logo

cabra tonic logo
by Mr. Robot

9. Strategy card game illustrations

strategy card game
by Frankie_Cadillac

Stay tuned next month to see the results!