As the seasons change, we’re hit with another wave of talented designers. While the nine designs below may not have won their clients’ contests, we think they still deserve one more shot at a prize.

Check out this month’s nominees for Creative Challengers and place your vote at the bottom. Best of luck!

1. Skateboard graphic

by methlop39

2. 3D robot

3d robot
by RobS Design

3. Animal mascot

elephant mascot
by sebtuch

4. Skull t-shirt

skull tshirt
by Betah Pereh

5. Ella’s Creamery illustration

ella's creamery illustration
by Khramova

6. Wine night invitation

wine night invitation
by Vladanland

7. Clever Monkey Productions logo

clever monkey productions
by mekanin

8. Pontoon Brewing label

by allthestarsunder

9. 3D rendering of a sport & shopping center


Congratulations to Jammy Ginger for winning last month’s Creative Challengers with their book cover design for The Bedevilment of Bertie Lunn!

Best of luck to this month’s nominees!