It’s a new month and you know what that means… a new batch of Creative Challengers! While these nominees didn’t win their respective contests, we think they’re amazing enough to be showcased anyway. That’s why we’re putting them head to head one more time.

Vote for your favorite design below and we’ll announce the winner next month!

1. Luzide Träume book cover

book cover design
by WooTKdesign

2. Scientist and microscope mascot

robot mascot
by Affan2fly

3. Reef beer label

beer label design
by c-artworker

4. Illustration for teen book series

comic book
by iqzir08

5. Wine label

wine label
by Feeder

6. 3D illustration for a book store

book comes to life
by Erick Flores

7. Windshield Project logo

by Lucadia

8. Christmas playing cards

playing card illustration
by pwsatya

9. Dr. McKenzie logo

dr mckenzie logo
by Nero Bernales

Congratulations to Meella for winning last month’s Creative Challengers with her book cover for “Letters to Girls Who Dream of Flying“!

Best of luck to this month’s nominees!