Name: Carolina Torres
Location: Argentina
99designs handle: miss_delaware
Projects won: 16

Give us a bit of background: who are you?
I’m a graphic designer with a degree from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have nine years of experience with graphic design. I still live in Buenos Aires, and I love to travel, drink coffee and visit my nieces, Priscila and Luciana.

How did you get started in design? How about 99designs?

I started designing about 12 years ago. I alway loved to collect classic art books, old posters, and design magazines — like old issues of IDEA and Domus. As for 99designs, I was looking for new clients and jobs, but I was getting rusty not working enough. I started on 99 about two years ago, although I didn’t win any contests at the beginning.

But when I did, I was not disappointed with the site! I ended up getting a lot of clients, because it’s a great platform to expose your work to potential clients and to push the limits of your ideas.

Diosas Mitológicas

On 99designs you do mostly web design, but off-site you do a ton of illustration. What do you like about both design genres?

It happened naturally for me. I learned web design while I was working in a studio, and illustration was just my hobby. But eventually, it became a source of work for me as well. It’s almost impossible for me not to work in both platforms.

Your illustrations are beautiful, colorful, fun, ethereal. What inspires these designs and how did you develop your unique style?

I love working with layers and filters, textures and basic shapes. I always want to accomplish a palette that looks comfortable, so a lot of times it is “trial and error” and a lot of research, a unique process to make a great illustration or design.


Who are your biggest artistic influences?

I had the most talented professors in university — Christian Montenegro and Laura Varsky. I really admire their style and professionalism. I also love Paul Rand and Otl Aicher, they’re so timeless. Another personal delight for the eyes is William Morris, his patterns and art nouveau posters.

What are your greatest aspirations as a designer?

I guess to always try to be better and more effective.

Whale Tutorial

What is the favorite piece of design you’ve done, and why?

I like the illustration that I made for Computer Arts, it’s a tutorial to illustrate a whale. I still get e-mails with illustrations made by other designers and illustrators with the whale they made themselves 🙂

You live in Buenos Aires, a notoriously beautiful location. Do you find inspiration in the city?

I sometimes do, in old books in Corientes Avenue or amazing graffiti all over the city.

Do you have any words of advice for aspiring web designers and illustrators?

For the web designers, I always recommend that you start making all designs in Adobe Illustrator, it saves time for the contests. Start with a palette that suits you and that you feel you can handle. And be aware of the great fonts all around us! I love Helvetica, but I always keep looking for the perfect font for each project.

For illustrators, I guess the first rule for me was to develop a language of my own. I’m still trying to get a polished one. As always, it is about trying to communicate the message in a beautiful way.

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