With an educational background in Design Marketing, James Clark (or as you know him, fatboyjim) has led a successful career in the field of graphic design for many years. Some of James’ experiences have even led him afar – a design competition that he won gave him a once-in-a-lifetime journey across the United States and back. It was a trip that James says he will be “eternally grateful for.”

James tells us that his degree in Design Marketing has been very helpful in providing a foundation that helps him to better understand how cater designs to a market’s needs. Some key points that James has found to be helpful are understanding the principles behind brand identity and always making sure to investigate the market of the company you are designing for.

Name: James Clark
Location: Bromley, England, U.K.
99designs handle: fatboyjim

Avatar logo for Robot Parrot
Avatar logo for Robot Parrot

How did you get started in design?

I have always been interested in design and spent most of my childhood drawing and doodling. I then took this interest onto further education getting a degree in Design Marketing.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from anything around me, I doodle on anything I can if I see some thing that catches my eye. Even the smallest thing can inspire a logo.

What led you to start using 99designs.com? Can you share your experiences with us?

I first started using 99designs as a way to translate my doodles into something real. From winning the designs that I have, I have been able to establish relationships with clients which has lead to further work.

What do you love most about being a designer?

The main thing I love is to be able to realize a persons ideas onto paper, there is nothing better when you get that right.

Concept for T-Shirt Elephant

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

I won a competition to design a tail fin of a private jet and the prize was a trip across America! It was basically an in house competition between the designers within my team and my company’s old owner, he had just commissioned the building of a new private jet (as you do) and wanted to have the fin decorated with a design containing a genie, which he wanted to be able to translate into a logo he could use.

At the time there were a team of 5 and we all worked on the design and luckily mine was chosen. It was an amazing once in a lifetime trip across from New York to LA onto Vegas and I will be eternally grateful for it.

Can you describe your hometown for us?

My hometown Bromley is just outside London in Kent, I love to spend a day walking around London, it’s where I get a lot of my inspiration.

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