When you think about improving your skills as a designer you usually focus on specific design techniques, new trends, latest software and so on. You rarely consider focusing on your overall health as a way of becoming a better designer.

Any sort of support, any way to prolong your concentration, increase your attention span or improve your stamina is highly desirable. Right? Thus, supplements come into play.

1. Vitamin D3 for the sunless body


You need the sun to produce Vitamin D3, which is very beneficial for your body. I recommend buying Vitamin D3, 5000 UI. My experience with it has been good, especially when I was out with a cold. It’s best used whenever you don’t get enough sunlight, specifically in the winter when you’re all covered up.

2. Glucosamine and Chondroitin for the ol’ bones


Think you can do a Van Damme split? Hell, can you even get out of your chair after a long day’s work? I doubt it. Even though these types of issues are considered ‘old people problems’, you shouldn’t wait until you start to ache to take action. I recommend you get Glucosamine & Chondroitin to keep your joints on point, stop your knees from aching and your fingers from popping. My experience with it has been great. My knees constantly squeaked but after a few weeks of taking this combo things have considerably improved.

3. Lutein and Astaxanthin for red eyes


If you’re looking at a screen for years, you should consider protecting your eyes at all costs. If it’s in your power to keep your eye sight in great condition would you prefer to have 20:20 vision? Of course! With the help of supplements like Astaxanthin and Lutein you can rejuvenated your eyes. This helped me stay healthy but more importantly it taught me the importance of stopping from time to time so my eyes could take a break.

4. Ginseng and Royal Jelly, Ginkgo Biloba for the lazy mind


What can you expect from Ginseng and Royal Jelly, Ginkgo Biloba? An energy boost is one of the first things you can sense, and you’ll also notice an increase in your concentration. It improves your circulation which is great for those long sessions in your chair. So if you have cold feet, this will help.

5. B12 for the caffeine hater


Coffee, tea and energy drinks can be easily replaced with B12 packets which have all the pros and little to no cons. You can take 1-2 per day depending on your fatigue level and they are very convenient — simply pour them into your water or favorite beverage. B12 drinks are great for me because they don’t give me the jitters, they don’t keep me awake at night and I get to keep my white smile. The energy kick is just as strong as coffee if you’ve had a significant break from it.


Please note: I’m not a doctor, I have no formal training nor do I claim to be an expert. I’m an individual who is interested in living healthy and have tried a very wide range of supplements throughout my 6 years of designing and 7 years of working out. I believe these supplements will be beneficial to most people, but always check with your physician before you take anything.

What supplements help you work better?

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