If you’re like us, you can never have enough fonts to play with. So in the spirit of giving, we wanted to pass on this early holiday present. Here are 12 free fonts that we’re loving this winter. As an added exercise in character observation, all of the fonts have been prepared in a similar size and style to allow for analysis on an level plane.

Please note that we’ve included the licensing information for each font (you can read more about using fonts legally here). Enjoy!

1. Voga

Free Fonts 1

2. Pirou

Free Fonts 2

3. Johanna

Free Fonts 3

4. Magna

Free Fonts 4

5. Atuice

Free Fonts 5

6. Ridge

Free Fonts 6

7. Berlina Bold

Free Fonts 7

8. Manteka

Free Fonts 8

9. Tale

Free Fonts 9

10. Jaapokki

lords font

11. Nexa Bold

pipers font

12. Multicolore

Drummer font

Do you have a favorite free font that would be perfect for the holidays? Share it in the comments!