No matter who you are, creating your personal brand doesn’t have to be expensive. And if you’re a professional athlete and Olympian, it certainly shouldn’t be time-consuming.

Matthew Dellavedova announces his personal logo on facebook

Just ask NBA player Matthew Dellavedova, aka “Delly,” who recently created his own logo and other branding essentials using 99designs. Delly revealed the winning logo on Facebook earlier this week.

When Delly launched his design contest, his aim was to leave designers plenty of creative freedom.  His only direction was that the logo should contain his nickname, showcase his “not flashy” personal style and reflect his Australian home-country pride.  Two weeks later, 61 designers from 21 countries presented 224 designs for Delly to review.  

After selecting the winner, Delly was excited to learn that winning designer, Steven Hai, is an Aussie himself.  

Matthew Dellavedova's Delly logo
by Steve Hai for matthewdellavedova

The final logo is a clean and clever illustration of Delly’s name in the shape of Australia, with a basketball representing the location of his hometown of Maryborough, Victoria.  The unique typography reflects Delly’s quirky and down to earth personality, with a nod to the classic streetwear style we’d expect from an NBA player’s brand.  

We love seeing great matches like this one come together through 99designs and we can’t wait to see what Delly has in store for his new brand.  We’d wear the hell out of some Delly logo gear… Just saying.
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