If you’re building a tech startup, your logo has to be on point. A good tech startup logo manages to convey your brand’s vision, mission and potential—all in one small but mighty brand mark. Your logo has to encompass all of your ambitions, plans and philosophy. To help you create the perfect logo design, we’ve gathered lots of innovative tech startup logos to inspire you.

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It’s also worth considering the trends and clichés in the technology industry (and your specific niche of it). And those are not the same thing. For example, flat logotype is trendy now; a skeuomorphic design might make you look dated (though it’s starting to make a comeback). On the other hand, every other education/tutoring website uses an owl wearing a mortarboard. That was old fifty years ago. Cliché.

Also consider that your startup name and logo need to go hand in hand. As you scroll through the tech company examples below, notice how names and logos complement and enhance each other.

Lastly, text or no text? They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a thousand words is a lot to google if someone sees your logo on a poster. Including the name of your company or product makes it easier for people to find you on the web. Which, you know, is probably important for a startup.

Best startup logos for the friendly app

Openly tech logo design
Logo design by bo_rad for Openly
Sheep tech logo design
Sheep logo by lxacevedo3
Message bottle tech logo design
Mobile App logo design by bo_rad
Cloudifyd tech logo design
Logo design by oculus for Cloudify
Puffin tech logo design
Logo design by chilibrand for Puffin
data.world tech startup logo
data.world logo via Twitter
Loyal Dog startup logo design
Dog logo design by hummingbird. for Loyal Dog
Fox and Duck tech startup logo design
Fox and Duck logo design by BlindB
Kiditize tech startup logo design
Logo design by Cykique for Kiditize
Data science tech startup logo design
Geeky, fun logo design by brightshine for DataScienceWorkshops.com
Petopia tech startup logo design
Pet-lover app logo design by Bossall691 for Petopia

If your brand is “friendly and approachable,” the most straightforward way to reflect this is with a smiling face. It’s universally pleasing to the eye. The trick is to not make the face too specific; the more gender/race/whatever non-specific you can make it, the more your users will see themselves in it. Perhaps ironically, an anthropomorphic animal will help in this regard. Who doesn’t like a smiling doggy?

If faces aren’t your thing, just bear in mind that curved lines, bubbly shapes, and literal openness in your logo will help draw people in and feel comfortable with your product.

Best tech logos for the clever company

Flatbread tech startup logo design
Logo design by makario for Flatbread
Pin and Pencil tech logo design
Logo Design by Lady Rock for Pin and Pencil
Appetizer tech logo design
Food Tour logo design by PICH 7 for appetizer
DraftKings tech logo design
Logo design by Relic57 for DraftKings
Malhana startup logo design
Hot air balloon logo by deea ♥

I bet you feel pretty smart, starting your own company. And why not show the whole world how clever you really are?

A logo with some wit can make your customers feel like your company has a personality. You’re a fun company, and your product is probably fun, too. You can do with a play on words (so long as it’s not a lame pun), or just an unexpected combination of imagery.

Best tech logos for reliable products

docker tech startup logo design
Logo design by Ricky AsamManis for docker

Your brand isn’t about “personality” or entertainment; your brand is about Getting the Job Done. You want to show that your product works well, and your customers can count on you to deliver.

An anthropomorphic logo can embody that with just the posture. Straight back, legs firmly planted on the ground: your logo looks ready to work. A more abstract logo can still evoke this feeling. Solid lines, sharp angles, generally focused upwards all give the sensation of steadiness.

Best logos for the cutting-edge startup

Parabola startup logo design
Logo design by goopanic for Parabola
Tuna startup logo design
Logo design by snaidjer for Tuna
Skurt startup logo
Skurt logo via Twitter
StackShare startup logo design
StackShare logo via Twitter
Stamplay startup logo design
Stamplay logo via Twitter
WOWAPPS tech startup logo design
App building company logo design by GREAT. for WOWAPPS
Minotaur One tech startup logo design
Logo design by ludibes
Drone systems tech startup logo design
Drone logo design by gaga vastard for Dronesystems

The vanguard of technology is always marching forward. What we think of as “high tech” now will seem dated in the blink of an eye. So if you want your logo to feel “advanced,” be prepared to stay on top of the trends. You may need to tweak your startup logo every few years to stay relevant.

The paste few years, the trend has been towards minimalism. Thin lines, and the only the essential details required to convey the concept. Flat art, rather than skeuomorphic. Motion is also quite popular, angling those thin lines forward (which, in the English-speaking world, means left-to-right).

Start up your technology logo today

Your startup logo is going to follow you around across multiple platforms, from launch icons to company letterhead. You better get used to looking at it. Make sure you’re happy with it. Not just in terms of the message it conveys to your customer; it should also match your company’s aesthetic. This is your app, your technology, your company, after all.

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