Your school needs a logo. And let’s face it, as adorable as it would be to have one of your kindergarteners draw one for you, you’re probably better off getting a professional design.

But where to begin? When it comes to education logos, there are so many options—from mascots to wordmarks to simple acronyms—each conveying their own subtle impression to your audience. While it’s impossible for me to tell you what logo works for your specific situation, I can tell you how to start thinking about your logo.

School mascot logos

High school logo mascot design
McLean High School logo design by REDPIN for allen.hill
Pumas mascot logo design
Pumas mascot logo design by REDPIN for Jdinosaur
Diving school logo design
Diving school logo design by Zarkum for DCI Hawaii
T-Rex mascot logo design
T-Rex logo design by Hazel Anne for Carbon High School
Wizard mascot logo design
Wizard Academy logo design by Descience
School logo design
Creative Action logo design by chilibrand for claire.dowd
After school program logo design
Leon After School logo design by extrafin for carmengloria_90

Schools have been using animal and warrior mascots since… well, probably since there were schools. The great thing about incorporating your mascot into your logo is the immediate associations that can fuel your brand identity. Wise like an owl, fast like a puma, fierce like a T-Rex.

It also helps if your school has a generic sounding name, like PS-238. If you want to differentiate your school from others in the area, pick a memorable mascot.

Educational iconography logos

Film school logo design
Film school logo design by Musique!
Educational logo design
Moji University logo design by Platinum78 for kevin4life
Logo design for a math tutor
Shelley the Tutor logo design by Angela Cuellar for bellegraves
An educational logo design pairing a factory and a pencil
Origin logo design by traffikante
Educational logo design
Brain Pick app logo design by Arthean
Surreal Technologies logo
Surreal Technologies logo design by Sava Stoic
Educational logo design
Muyomi logo design by SpoonLancer
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But what if your school’s not the kind with sports teams, cheerleaders and other people who are generally more athletic than yours truly? What if it’s not a school at all—maybe an app or tutoring facility?

If that’s the case, you might want to consider some educational iconography to ensure your potential student doesn’t mistake your service. Books and pens can convey that idea, even if you only offer online courses with nary a book in sight.

Specialty school logos

Outdoor educational logo design
Outdoor education logo design by brana
Music school logo design
Music school logo design by singaraja
Educational camp logo design
Educational camp logo design by Mad pepper
Piano teacher logo design
Piano teacher logo design by Dusan Klepic
Medical institute logo design
Medical institute logo design by Terry Bogard
oding school logo design
Game Programming Ninja logo design by Celadon for Ashley.S

What if you’re not a general education provider? A big part of creating a brand is knowing what it is you do that sets you apart. Whether you teach people to write code with a computer keyboard or to play music with a traditional one, a specified logo design can help you stand out from the all the education services out there.

The more specialized your education services are, the more important this is. A clear, clever logo will assure your prospective students that they’re in the right place.

Inspirational education logos

Language learning app logo design
Language learning app logo design by deea ♥ for intlglobetrotter
Educational logo design
Einstein’s Fish logo design by bo_rad
Educational logo design
Salesian School logo design by BlindB for developmente
Water color education logo
Academy logo design by identity pulse
Astronomy logo design
Astronomy logo design by Brands by Sam
Educational logo design
Raising Standards logo design by mitramitra

Education is aspirational by nature. It’s about improving yourself so that you can one day improve the world around you. So why constrain yourself to the most obvious tropes when your school logo can be inspired and new?

In a crowded field like education, you might want to convey your school’s aspirational merits over its obvious educational merits. Consider what you want your students to feel—you want them to grow, to soar.

Your logo can set the tone for all the wonderful adventures that are to come in their lives.

Do you need a logo for your school or educational business? Launch a logo design contest today!