How do you show your customers they are making the right car purchase before you’ve even handed over the keys? How do you show them that your repair shop is the best in town? Having an effective automotive logo design for your business can go a long way towards demonstrating the personality and credibility of your brand.

Your logo is the front door of your company, it’s the welcome mat customers get when they look you up online or see the front door of your store. Your design needs to attract and persuade customers through strong visuals, show the inspiration behind what you do, and stand out in a world full of competitors trying to overtake you (pun intended).

collection of different car logos

Below we’ve put together some of the hottest car logo ideas out there to help provide you with the inspiration you’re looking for when it comes to your automotive logo design.

What makes a good automotive logo?

Think of some of the most famous car logo designs out there. In a competitive world, companies like Ford and Toyota have survived and thrived with largely unchanged logo designs. What is it about these designs that keeps them ahead of the competition?

The originality and unique design of these logos is largely what gives these brands an edge, but it’s also the way they show customers their strength and integrity.

Midnight Mechanics logo
Design by Sava Stoic

Your logo belongs in the automotive world so you need to ensure customers are aware of this when they look at it. Notice that both the Ford and Toyota logos feature strong and timeless metallic design, which makes them instantly recognizable as automotive companies.

You’ll also want to keep things pretty simple―don’t have too much going on to confuse the customer. Strength, simplicity, and class are all important characteristics in the automotive industry and you’ll want to make sure these traits are displayed in your logo.

Be aware that you still want to stand out though. Demonstrating what industry you’re in is important, but you don’t want to simply blend in and be too similar to competitors. Think about how your company started, is there something unique to your brand that can be displayed in your logo? Is your business modern and state-of-the-art or are you all about classic and vintage cars? Get it in your logo design to show customers both what you do and why you do it.

Toyota logo
The Toyota logo has been changed few times since its beginning. Image via Western Slope Auto.
Ford logo.
The classic Ford logo. Image via CNN.
RubberCity Classic logo
In this design by maestro_medac, we see a classic metallic font and image that is unique while clearly showing the industry they are in.
classy luxury car logo
This car logo is classy and strong. Design by swantz.

Amazing ideas for automotive logos

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Not every logo in the automotive industry will have the same design traits. For example, a car or truck sale company will likely present a different theme to a motorbike shop or a repair or manufacturing institution.

However, even with differences in the market niche, there are a few styles that have a significant impact in the industry:

  • Classic logos
  • Modern logos
  • Minimalist logos
  • Cartoon logos
  • Metallic logos

While these logos feature different design elements, it’s important to note that the styles can be blended together to create a stronger impact. For example, a modern logo could mesh together well with a metallic logo to provide an extra impact.

Let’s hit the accelerator and have a look at some podium leading examples of each style.

Classic car logos

If you value the classic tradition of the automotive industry and want to showcase this in your logo design, a rustic, traditional logo will go a long way towards showing this in your design.

A classic logo is great for connecting with automotive enthusiasts and customers who share a similar passion for the history of the industry. Even if your company was recently founded, a classic logo can be a great way to show traditional values and a connection to the classic side of the industry.

Check out these awesome examples:

simple classic vintage car logo
Logo design by Ai.Guy
classic monochrome car logo design
Logo design by CHAMBER5
retro vintage inspired car logo
Logo design by jervix
Logo design for auto service
This design by vupeyadu features an image of a 1940-1950’s caricature to provide customers with a classic feel.
Coolihans Garage retro car logo
Neatlines uses the image of a classic car combined with soft coloring to create a classic feel in this well designed logo.
Logo for D. L. George Historic Motorcars
In this design maestro_medak implements a classic font with soft coloring blended with a classic car image to provide the historic feel the company is looking for.

Modern car logos

As with most industries, the automobile industry evolves to keep up with modern technology and aesthetics. If you’re looking for a logo that is savvy with the current generation, or are specifically trying to appeal to a younger clientele, a modern logo might be the right choice for your business.

Modern logos also show that you’re up to date with the industry and its appeal. This could go a long way in establishing trust with your customer base.

As with classic logos, it’s important to note that elements of a modern design could also be combined with a more classic, rustic design or could include fun cartoon elements for a more casual feel.

Let’s have a look at some examples:

modern edgy car logo for a garage
Logo design by MYXATA
Avto pro logo
In this design Cope_HMC features a modern font, bright blue color, and a simple design to give this logo an authentically modern design.
TyreFox logo
This design by KreatanK uses a modern looking font combined with a trendy visual in order to give the logo a simple yet modern feel.
modern illustrated car logo
Logo design by Desana
simple modern car logo with tag shape
Logo design by Randys

Minimalist car logos

A minimalist design is one that likes to keep things simple. Similar to logos with a modern style, minimalist logos might feature a standalone visual or simply text displaying the name of your business.

If you are looking for a logo design that looks as fresh as the new layer of paint on that shiny new car, designing a logo with simplicity in mind might be the best fit for you.

A minimalist logo is a great way to avoid clutter and when combined with negative space can have a significant impact.

Let’s have a look at some great examples:

simple modern minimalist car logo
Logo design by antdesain
Pure Energy Fuels logo
In this modern looking minimalist design, sheva uses an effective color gradient as a backdrop to a simple yet impactful logo. The large use of negative space helps to accentuate the logo.
CarSwoop logo
This logo design features the use of different colors to highlight the impact of a simple yet clear logo. When viewing this design, the minimalist feel allows the logo of the company to stand out. Design by Gabriel P.
minimalist car logo design
Logo design by ::A7::
lineart car logo
Logo design by LINART logostudio

Cartoon car logos

Cartoon logos are a great way to connect with a younger customer base or to give your logo design an exciting visual that can help you stand out over competitors.

Cartoon elements of design can combine well with both modern and classic logos and if you’re looking for a design that’s eye-catching, fun and casual, a cartoon logo could fit the bill well.

Let’s take a look at some examples:

Auto Gofer logo
In this design by KreatanK, we see a strong use of bright color combined with the cartoon of a gofer to create an uplifting and quirky design. The use of a cartoon visual helps to create a friendly and appealing design.
Maeximum Bikes logo
Classic or modern? Maybe a touch of both? This spectacular design by Freshinnet features a cartoon image of a biker hidden behind a curvy font. Notice how the use of color and the strong visual helps the design really stand out.
retro cartoon car logo
Logo design by autore
vintage cartoon car logo
Logo design by coin!

Metallic logos

In an industry where metal is a prominent material, what better way to shine than to give your logo design a sleek, metallic look?

Metallic font or visuals help to create a feeling of strength, luxury and trust in logo design. These are important traits a customer might be looking for when choosing a company focused on any niche within the automotive industry.

Think of creative ways you might be able to make use of that with metallic effects in your logo design. Let’s take a look at some shiny examples:

Logo design by H-ARTnDESIGN
modern metallic car logo
This design by Nelli Design features a metallic visual that has cleverly taken shape from a mechanic spanner.
clean modern car logo
This logo design by Dima Che features both a metallic font and logo. The use of these elements in the design gives it a modern, sleek look.
strong metallic car logo
In this design, we see the use of a bold font imprinted on a solid metallic backdrop. The use of metal on metal here really helps to demonstrate a feeling of strength and integrity in the design. To the customer, this will carry over into their image of the company. Design by Michael4682.

The fundamentals of logo design

Entering into the world of automotive logo design without any experience can be an intimidating experience. Luckily you can rely on us to give you a crash-course (no pun intended) into creating and owning your design.

Logo design is a specialized part of graphic design that incorporates aesthetics, branding & marketing, composition, color theory, typography and artistic skill. You can find a more comprehensive summary in our guide on How to design a logo. Here are some key points to provide a little background into logo design.

Design for your brand. The automotive industry is huge. From selling, repairing, manufacturing, or distributing cars and tires to automotive websites and apps, there is not a “one size fits all” design idea when it comes to selecting the best design for you.

vintage truck logo design
A vintage-inspired truck logo design by blazzevic

The metallic and classic feel of the Ford or Toyota logo might work well for a car manufacturing brand, but may be lost in translation when it comes to a tire brand or a car comparison website. Design for what is appropriate to your niche to give you the most significant impact.

Before you get started on the initial design of your logo, decide what “feel” you want to create with your logo―your “brand identity”. Are you a playful or a serious brand? Are you more fun, or a little more on the sophisticated side? Consider these differences as they will guide your design choices. This will help you to decide what colors you want to use and what type of logo you want to design (check the section above on ideas for automotive logos).

Colors, shapes and letters. Differences in colors and shapes can have a significant impact on the representation of different emotions. For example, cartoon logos with a variety of bright colors and curved images create more of a “fun” or “playful” feel. This might be great for a car wash company or quirky repair shop.

Logos with monochrome colors and simple designs appear more sophisticated and might be better suited for a car or motorbike manufacturing company. The same applies to the choice of font in your design―formal serifs vs. casual sans-serif will make a difference in the way things are presented. Take care with these decisions as every design decision you make will reflect on your brand and its personality.

How to get a logo

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As we explained in our guide Comparing the best ways to get a logo designed, there are 4 different options to choose from when it comes to designing your logo:

  • Logo maker (DIY). With the help of a logo maker or other entry-level design software, you essentially make your logo yourself from scratch.
  • Hire a design agency. You hand off all logo design duties to a design agency and their suite of specialists, but the extra talent comes at an extra cost.
  • Work with a freelancer. You can find a freelance designer to design your logo for you. This gives you the benefit of a professional at less cost than an agency.
  • Commission a design contest. In a design contest, you explain what you want, including visual preferences and business goals. Multiple designers from all over the world then submit samples based on your briefing. From there, you simply pick the one you like best and start revisions. You only pay for the one sample you choose.

DIY and logo makers are quick and easy, but they are generally not going to give you the best outcome unless this is your only option, meaning your budget is next to nothing.

simple red truck logo design
Logo design by Mr. V

The automotive industry is a competitive one and having a logo that gets you ahead of the competition is imperative and should be viewed as an absolute asset to your business. Considering how difficult it is to design the right logo, having a professional work on it for you is the most effective method.

From there, your decision will be based on both cost and preference. If cost is the most important factor in your decision, take a peek at our Logo design cost guide for more detailed distinctions.

Design contests are one of the most popular choices because they leverage the creativity of many different designers. Designers are unique and possess varying strengths, which means you’ll have a plethora of different ideas to choose from. A contest also allows you to experiment with different ideas and will help to give you an idea of what works for you and what doesn’t.

If you are confident in the style you’re going for, grabbing the assistance of a freelancer could be your best bet. Browse designer portfolios to match up with the style you intend to use, and then select the freelancer to get precisely what you’re looking for.

Are you ready to get an amazing car logo?

Having an effective logo for your automotive business is essential to your success. From car manufacturers to repair shops, think of the most successful companies out there and it’s easy to picture their logos. Is it important to stand out with a killer logo? Absolutely.

Remember, designing the right logo is not a one size fits all situation. From the styles we discussed above all the way to selecting who or how you want your logo designed, pick what is the best fit for you and your business.

Get in the front seat, start your engine, and prepare to take on the consumer world with the logo that works best for you.

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