2022 is dawning. It’s time to welcome in the New Year feeling organized, inspired and fresh. And what’s the best way to achieve this feeling? Well, we’ve huddled, we’ve pondered and we’ve brainstormed. Let us present our favorite antidote—the Creativity meets possibility art calendar for 2022.

Art calendar desktop wallpaper
Brighten up your desktop with our 2022 digital calendar.
Discover our digital art calendar in time for the New Year!
Creativity meets possibility

This design calendar offers up the year in a jaw-dropping aesthetic. It’s beautiful, diverse and overflowing with 12 of the most stunning expressions of creativity. We’re bringing these designs to life digitally and in print format, thanks to the expert help of VistaPrint.

Creativity meets possibility celebrates the endless, exuberant creative potential of our designer community. Let it light up your view for the whole of 2022.

printable art calendar 2022
Our printable art calendar is sure to keep your inspiration flowing, all year round!
Make our 2022 art calendar your home office’s focal point!
Creativity meets possibility

If you’d prefer to decorate your walls over your desktop, head over to this VistaPrint page to arrange high-quality printing with your freshly downloaded files. Follow our step-by-step instructions below to complete the process.

Step 1: Upload images using the ‘get photos’ button.
Step 2: Click on the cover page and upload our cover image.
Step 3: Delete the caption using the tab on the left.
Step 4: Click the left arrow to the next calendar page and continue to add your images until you’re finished.
Step 5: Check if you’re happy and print!